Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

25th of Harvester, 586 CY

Shavinski The Orc Slayer
Auron Blackmore
Davian Urthadar
Lady Krisnda
Nitram Semaj
Richard God Hammer
Victor Taneth

Furfaate decides he’s had enough. After losing 2 levels to the undead, he is no longer willing to sacrifice anymore. “You can’t pay me enough for this bullshit,” he says. He leaves and will make his way back to the surface.

The mages and cleric try to rest. The vampire appears during the middle of the night. It attempts to charm the adventurers but fails. Once again taunting and threatening.
It is time to reenter the tomb. Traps are found and easily undone.
Shavinski leads the way. The cleric of St. Cuthbert prepares.
The kid, Fershaw, insists in joining the party. Arguing with the mage Nitram Semaj. “I will show you,” says the kid….
Protection from evil spells will help keep the party safe. They will split up into small groups. Hoping to spread out the undead. “Remember to avert your eyes,” Auron reminds everyone
The vampire and its minions appear. The battle is on. A fireball leaves it hands. Deadly but everyone survives.
The cleric sets the vampires coffin on fire. It enrages him. His minions quickly move in for the kill
The protection from evil spells do their jobs. They allow the party to hack away at the vampires. Even the main vampire takes a flurry of damage and is severely handicapped
A ghost sends the paladin and ranger running. But once again the protection from evil spells save the adventurers from any further damage.
The kid, Fershaw, shows off his skills as he dodges attack after attack. He even lands several blows.
Shavinski and the mage, Nitram Semaj, take some serious damage.
The party is able to finish off the vampires. A quick search shows how all of the coffins have false bottoms with stairs that lead down
The wights show up to protect their master
Once again the kid proves his worth.
A wight gets a hit on the kid right before the encounter ends and the final wight is taken out. Destiny takes over. Literally the final round. But it’s not meant to be for Fershaw

Several of the adventurers have lost levels. The kid is dead. The thief for hire, Furfaate, is gone. Jang Milos is still missing.

It’s a somber night as the party nurses its wounds and remembers the dead.



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