Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

3rd of Brewfest, 586 CY

The sounds of a river becomes more obvious as the party marches on. The tunnel widens to a 40’ wide and 20 tall comfortable march. It then ends. To the right is a 5’ wide set of stairs that head up 40’ and then cross the underground river. The party cannot tell how wide the river is of how far the walkway goes.
The paladin, cleric, and thief will fly across the river.
After more than 15 minutes they can begin to see an entrance similar to the one they left behind. As they move closer suddenly a group of drow come out of the dark, out of an opening some 20’ about the entrance, and shoot poison bolts. 1 hits the cleric and succeeds. Two hit the paladin, nearly dropping him and the others into the river. They retreat and re-plan


They will fly back and attempt to put up a stone wall to cover both entrances. Knowing that if 1 dart hits the one doing the flying, just 1…sure doom for all 3. Falling into the running current of the underground river.
The cleric succeeds in evading the poisoned bolts. The stone wall is up and even has a built in lip just big enough for the entire party.

The cleric prepares to turn the stone back into earth. There is the hallway. Dark, silent…
One of the drow fucks up. You can just her foot hanging out of shadows. The mage, with his robe of eyes, immediately sees the trap.
Because the surprise is blow, the drow quickly get taken apart. The drow fighters caught in the mages’ tenctancles spell.

After about 100 yards the entrance opens up into a huge cavern. The eye seeing as far as it can see and then darkness.

Arisoth Darkleaf is making his way to the party. The elf mage/thief took a few months off. Rethinking his allegiance to the adventurers.

following the near path his friends took, he is able to barely get by a patrol of drow. His flying broom barely whizzing over their cleric



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