Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

18th of Reaping, 586 CY

Back at camp 2 days after the assault on the drow.
High: 81
Low 67
Another wet day. Soggy and muddy.

High level captains immediately recognize the name Vazirian the Hierarch
One of their spies in Molag has learned that a powerful Hierarch of the Horned Society, a renegade Shield Lander, is helping assemble a legion of dark elves.
Most scholars believe the Hierarchs of the Horned Society were opportunistic bandits who took over Molag and its surrounding territories after the imprisonment of Iuz in 505 CY, only to be driven out in 583 after the Old One had sufficiently rebuilt his strength.
“He is accompanied by his mistress, a powerful mage called Tondaleyo. They are both in the service of Iuz. The other priest must be an acolyte of Vazarian,” says one of the dwarf captains. “It looks like Iuz has extended his influence to the far south.”
A closed tent meeting is held with the heroes. “You must go back into the mountain and find them. They must be stopped at all costs,” says the captain. “You cannot fail”
You will be provided with rations, water, mules, any basic item you need.
Travelling deep within the mountain will be treacherous. We will be using the dungeoneers survivors guide.

Later that evening
For the 1st time in days there is a calm feeling around the camp. Dwarves by the hundreds, clans from all over Greyhawk, are telling stories, sharing their experiences, about what they’ve encountered in the underworld.
A dwarf captain takes a sizeable drink from his cup, “I once saw a couple of me mates swallowed alive by a worm. There must have been 20 of us trying to take it down. By the time we finished cutting into its belly they were already dead. The acids in its stomach ate em alive before we could get to them. The stinger on its tail can cause instant death. One of me men never saw it coming.”
Another dwarf from the heavy infantry, a survivor of many skirmishes against the orcs, comments, “those bastards and the giant slugs. Run if you can!”
The group of dwarves break out in this nervous laughter then pause…
“Yeah, just fucking run if you can,” says the captain," the drinking continues



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