Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

16th of Readying, 586 CY


High 43
Low 25
A mist begins in the late morning and last most of the day and night

The roads of the county of Verbobonc are well guarded
The party is able to travel for almost 3 days without incident as they finally leave the forest and reach the filthy, ramshackled town of Nulb

The buildings are of turf, mud brick, crudely hewn logs, and old timbers from boats. One or two have stone foundations and proper boards, but even these are in need of repair. The inhabitants of the village are boatmen, fishers, herdsmen, farmers, and the like. It is apparent that no one manages to make much of a living in Nulb

Nulb is known for being a haven for outlaws, bandits, and who knows what else. A few hours later as the party is attempting to rest at the Waterside Hostel, Baroque is confronted by an unsavory man that shares with him how he and the PCs can make a few extra coins. “Just meet me right here at 9PM,” he says.

Later that night the man leads the PCs less than a 1/4 of a mile into the light forest where a makeshift fighting ring has been put together for the pleasure of every cutthroat in the town and elsewhere. Lots of cash is going back and forth as many get ready to place their bets. The area is heavily guarded against pick pockets and the like.
Baroque steps in the ring and moments later applause and screams break out as a monk takes his time walking up and finally enters the ring.
Both Baroque and the monk trade blows and kicks. Both do everything to make sure he is not the one that falls. Finally, after a long and bloody battle, Baroque smashes the monks face in and the fight comes to an end.

That evening Ashult explains to the party that it is time for him to leave and deal with unfinished business. The life of a chronomancer…

The PCs meet a magic user called Rick Mataph, and hire the mage to take up where Ashult left off.



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