Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

15th of Reaping, 586 CY

Lortmils Mountains
High 82
Low 64
On and off sprinkles all day
The PC’s are asked to investigate the strange going on’s of one of the mines belonging to The Principality of Ulek.
Recently miner gnomes started excavating a new level some 200 feet below the surface.Their excavations broke into some natural caverns. This is when the attacks in total darkness and silence began. Most have disappeared or are feared dead.
A small army of 50 Dwarf fighters escorts the party to the foot of the mountain.Several miles up there are 4 trails that lead to 4 entrances to the mine.

Party for this adventure:
Auron Blackmore
Jang Milos
Lady Krisnda
Shavinski The Orc Slayer
Davian Urthadar
Mage (Name and NPC build on its way)
Cleric of Pelor (Name and NPC build on its way)

The party travels several miles. Finally reaching an area that splits off leading to four separate entrances. They decide to enter from the west.
They quickly discover the entire tunnel is filled with a magical darkness that cannot even seen through by the elf or dwarf. Not a creek or sound can be heard.
The uses several of his spells to dispel the magic. They discover several dark elves by an entrance partially covered with large rocks. They are more than 120’ away. They quickly kill one of the drow. 2 get away.
The cleric performs speak with dead on the dead drow.
They find out the leader is a human priest in the service of Iuz. He is accompanied by a high level acolyte and a female mage, also in the service of Iuz.

They decide to investigate the entrance blocked by the large rubble. From what they can see the entrance is also pitch black. Probably more drow magic.
A cleric can be heard. He is speaking in the drow language. The rocks begin to come alive. Drow fighters appear from between the rocks.
The melee with the earth elementals and drow continues for many rounds.
A poisoned dart knocks out the paladin. A hold spell contains Savinski. One of the helpers is killed. But more importantly, the cleric of Pelor is killed. A silence spell put on him and then an earth elemental bashes him into pulp.
The drow pass through what’s left of the rubble. The come across another small army of drow. Quick thinking by the party, and a near backstab by Jang, are enough to break the morale of the drow. They are quickly taken out.
Milos checks the only door. He cannot find any traps. The door is locked. For some crazy reason Shavinski decides to rush the door. As soon as he touches the door he drops to the floor. Near dead. The door is forced open. Behind the door are 2 clerics and a magic user. The magic user is preparing a fireball. Auron is able to shut the door. The PCs quickly leave…



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