Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

12th of Reaping, 586 CY

10 miles west of The Jewel
High 85
Low 60
Sprinkles on and off throughout the entire day. Makes for a blood soaking terrain.

Halfling scouts confirm the orc and goblin armies are just miles ahead. No doubt the humanoid filth already know the same.

The armies are now just 1/2 mile from each other.

Captain Renulf, leader of the Prinzfeld forces Ulek, orders the cavalry to begin its 1st tactical move
The goblinoid army cautiously moves up. They prepare their crossbows and short bows
After a stalmate of barely moving or no one moving closer for nearly a turn, the orcs can’t take it anymore and charge. They misjudge the distance and are caught in the middle of a flurry of arrows. Only their leader, Horaz, is left. He sustains a round of damage then takes out a potion of gaseous form. He is gone…
The shock of an entire orc cavalry getting killed within one round sends chills throughout what’s left of the humanoid army.
Suddenly the goblin army charges. They to fall short
The humanoids are now outnumbered while the army of Ulek has barely lost any of its soldiers. What’s left of the orc and goblin army is forced to move forward. The orc and goblin leaders put enough distance between them to prepare their retreat
3 assassins make their move on Arnulth, Royal Herald of Ulek. Today the Gods must be watching. Their backstabs all fail. 1 is killed and 2 others are captured.

The fight is over. Barely a scratch. The army of Ulek proudly march back to camp. Spirits and morale are high.

Captain Renulf, leader of the Prinzfeld forces Ulek, gives a small speech, “look at what we did today. The Pomarj will soon receive news that we are coming. We fight for the prince, we will win for Ulek. We will not be stopped.” Cheers from nearly 2000 soldiers erupt. “Let them hear us all the way to the land of the orcs. Soon I will have your head Turrosh Mak. Your end is near!!”



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