Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

12th of Good-Month, 586 CY

The 10×10 corridor ends at a 30 foot drop off. In front of the party is a huge cavern some 50’ high and more than 50’ wide. Most of it is engulfed in a deep darkness.

The cleric creates stone steps. The rest of the party stays behind as the fighters investigate the floor. There’s a sticky substance all over the floor.
It’s a trap.Bolts head their way. An arrow on fire hits the floor. It ignites. Shavinski barely makes it back to the platform.

2 openings appear 40 feet above the floor. Each one contains drows with crossbows now shooting down at the party
One of the poisoned bolts hits the magic user. He is knocked out cold

Auron is also paralyzed as Jang attempts and fails.
The fight continues for more than a turn as the drow cleric tries to take Auron up a an opening. The cleric saves the day. Pelor is strong within him. He flies up to the drows and with the help of Boethian Volonwoods arrows and Shavinski The Orc Slayers bolts, he is able to take them out.

2 other drows clerics attempt to make their way up to the the unconscious mage and others. 1 of the helpers is killed. Vician Fletcher hurries back to help. Nitsum Semaj is nearly killed. Somehow, no one dies. The party decides to rest for a few days. Jang suggests going ahead alone for a couple of days. “Maybe I can find an easier way,” he says. “Give me 1/2 day.” Off he goes…



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