Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

12th of Coldeven, 586 CY

The City of Sails: Dyvers
High 54
Low 30

Partly cloudy day

Dyvers is one of the largest cities in the Flanaess and its position at the mouth of the Velverdyva River on the coast of the Lake of Unknown Depths (Nyr Dyv) makes it an important trading centre and busy port, with lake and river traffic from all over the Flanaess. Dyvers position attracts many different people; Bakluni rub shoulders with Oeridians, Suel and Flan people. Dyvers is also the city of festivals, with many of them occuring all year round. Dyvers has a bitter rivalry with its neigbour and competitor, Greyhawk City.


After nearly 4 full days the Rhenee barg sets its achors in the The Dock District of Dyvers, a low-class part of town. Its buildings consist of flophouses, dingy apartments, tiny homes, inns, taverns, brothels, gam­ bling dens, and restaurants that cater to sailors and dockworkers. Almost all of the coastline here is made up of docks and piers, with only a few gaps to allow direct access to the water, such as for beaching damaged or wrecked ships for salvage. The watch makes regular rounds through this district after dark, both to break up fights and to drag drunken or unconscious residents back to their homes.

The adventurers check into The Come On Inn. A decent inn with better than average accomodations for this part of town.

Less than an hour later there is a man in robes, standing outside of the partys window, calls our for Baroque. He wants vengeange for the death of his brother in Nulb. He is accompanied by a drow with (2) large spiders on chains. Rick unleashes a magic spell at the area and quickly discovers it is nothing more than an illussion.

Seconds later the calling now comes from the hallway outside of the PCs door. The party is surrounded.

2 strange looking fighters await the adventurers. Sohei

A Drow attempts to backstab one of the players and succeeds Drow1
His poison having the same affects as the spiders.

The large spiders move up to attack, their deadly venom forcing their foes into a deep coma
Suddenly archers pop out of the other rooms and begin shooting arrows at the PCs

And then here comes Brother Kerin. Monk2 He is seeking revenge for the death of his brother, Brother Colvin, by the hands of Baroque in Nulb.

The party does what it can to hold its ground. They are falling one by one.
Time seems to stop when Brother Kerin lets out a “Ki” that is so loud it nearly shatter glass, his hand comes down and hits Baroque in the face. Baroque takes one last breath and falls dead. His head crushed in by the monks fierce hit.

Seconds later whats looks to be a pirate like figure, a swashbuckler, comes up the stairs. He is wearing heavy chain mail, his scimitar in one hand and a shield in another (with the emblem of the Slavers, a purple sail). The others refer to him as “Eanwulf”
He walks up to Gustav; “I have been hunting you for some time now soldier of Ulek. What a prize, what a prize… I hope all of you are ready for what comes next”

Brother Kerin looks at the pirate; "I told you bandit, The Earth Dragon provides, the great god is the spirit of the earth, and those who worship and obey it will be protected. There is no other way.”

There is no sign of Rick or Michelle. The remaining adventurers can only hope they have fled to safety.

Those that can walk are stripped of everything and then manacled, cuffed, bound and gagged. The others are carried away by the Soheis. The adventurerers are taken to the basement and then lead through a secret door that leads into the deep sewers and then catacombs of the city. They are forced to march for more than 15 minutes before reaching a wall that they soon discover is nothing more than an illussion. Behind the wall is a ladder which leads to an empty warehouse packed with dozens of other captives.

In the crowd is a fairly large man, standing at 6’6" tall and weighing over 250 pounds. A frightening and impressive collection of battle-scars can be noticed on most parts of his body and while there are many, none of them appear to have been mortal wounds. Even bereft of weapons and armor, this man looks formidable. Breaker

Standing over him is a large, bare-chested 1/2 orc overseer, whip and keys in hand. He continously whips him and refers to the now slave as Breaker. “Good fun you will be in Cantona” he says in a very poor form of common.

Eanwulf walks over to Gustav and kicks him in the stomach, then trips him so he falls to his face before stepping onto the back of his head. “You have been much trouble Sir Guatav. Long have I awaited for the day to finally see you pay the price for your meddling in our affairs.” The death of your halfling friend is only the beginning of your suffering"


The guards have a teribble time with this “Breaker” guy. He continously attempts to break free of his chains, and every chance he can, he trys to grab at the whips and disarm the overseer.
He is made an example of. Once the overseers think they have control of the situation he is beaten until nearly dead.

12th of Coldeven, 586 CY

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