Post Greyhawk Wars: 585 CY

10th of Reaping, 586 CY


High 87
Low 63

Early morning. Another cloudy day that covers The Lortmill Mountains in heavy mist. Once again the threat of a downpour looms.

The PCs are called into an elaborate tent set up for the commanders those that work directly with The Prince. You are told gnome miners are being driven insane in the mountains by a source of powerful evil magic. The location is right behind Havenhill. “2 hours climb,” says Arnulth, Royal Herald of Ulek. The Herald is a tough looking man. One that has seen war for many years. Like Gustav did, he looks much older than he really is. The blood permanently caked beneath his finger nails and the scars all over his hands. He continues, “The Prince asks that you go see what the problem is. He will consider it a personal favor to him and The Principality. We need the gnomes to excavate for silver and other metals to forge weapons. There are rumors of great buried treasure in those mountains. Keep whatever you find.”



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